Communication Tools for Improving Relationships


Your new relationSHAPE™ skills will:

  • Reduce areas of conflict
  • Identify your natural communication style
  • Support you in easily adapting your style to the needs of the child
  • Understand the best way to relate to each other
  • Unlock the responses that motivate others
  • Improve your relationships

"I appreciate learning my parenting style and then adjusting my responses to recognize my son’s style patterns. The action plan I developed with your guidance was easy to implement. This has made a positive difference in our relationship. Thanks!" 

Alice B

"Parenting is difficult no matter how you slice it. Understanding how your child, your spouse and you communicate differently and then figuring out a better way to communicate reduces a lot of unnecessary squabbling. Thank you for giving me that insight!"

Mari P

The relationSHAPE™ Roadmap for Families​*


Learn these easy-to-use, quick, simple and powerful DISC® tools to

improve communication with members of your family*.​  

Thank you, Marla H. We appreciate your telling us that you and your teenage son have less stress in your relationship because of what you learned!

DISCLAIMER: The concepts and strategies shared on this ​relationSHAPE™ website are researched based and have been successfully used for over 40 years. 

We provide information, not specific advice.  Our goal is to provide you with strategies that will help you improve communication in your relationships.

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"I appreciate all the sharing and insights, especially concerning my relationship with my husband. A change in perception is all it usually takes to make a difference. That shift has helped me to be more patient and understanding of his need for doing and getting it right. You are a great teacher.

Evelyn Warner

*The term "families" is meant to include any persons who commit their time, energy and good will to promote success in children. Examples: Parents, extended family members, foster parents, agency staff members, etc.