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What is relationSHAPE​™?

Our vision is to transform people and their interactions by using communication strategies and tools to improve understanding and results.  Condensing years of experience and knowledge, we’ve created easy-­to-­learn, easy­-to-­use communication tools and strategies. Each workshop is tailored for the unique needs of each environment - business, home and classroom.  The programs incorporate the DISC self-­assessment tools created by communication experts and used globally for over 40 years. Communication is the foundation of all of our relationships and the core ingredient to success.


Linda leads communication workshops for businesses and small groups. Linda Founded ​relationSHAPE™ and is President of  Linda Williams Consulting, LLC.   She is also the Communications Director for the Sarasota, Florida, Living in Community Network. She is a facilitator, mentor and consultant to organizations and individuals nationwide.


All of Linda’s work focuses on knowledge and information that is quickly transferred to make an immediate difference in the quality of relationships at work and at home. She models and teaches effective interactions as the foundation for success in team building, sales, and for family and classroom interactions to improve understanding in our work and personal relationships.  Linda designs the workshop information and activities to maximize learning.

Linda began her career as an English teacher in a large urban school district. For 30+ years Linda successfully taught teachers how to be more effective in transferring learning to their students.

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MA in Education


Supervisor of Communication


Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction




DISC facilitator​​

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