We believe that communication is at the foundation of all of our success.  

What we say, how we say it, and how it is understood, are at the core.  

Our easy-to-use, practical tools and strategies will improve the quality of your relationships and take the mystery out of this process.  

Our programs are designed for all learning styles so that the information is easily understood and transferred into action.  

We provide on-going support for continued reinforcement and growth.


We are all partners in communication.

We all have the power to adjust our communication in daily situations.

We cultivate the respectful speaking of truths and compassionate listening.

We focus on what the person is saying and listen with a curious ear -- not react or judge.

The four colors of our logo were deliberately chosen for their meaning. This powerful combination of colors is the visual foundation of ​relationSHAPE™.

Blue represents trust and peace.
Orange is the color for optimism.
Green represents clarity of mind and compassion.
Magenta is the color for harmony and emotional balance.

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DISCLAIMER: The concepts and strategies shared on this website are researched based and have been successfully used for over 40 years. 

We provide information, not specific advice.  Our goal is to provide you with strategies that will help you improve communication in your relationships. 

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