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The ​relationSHAPE™ Roadmap for
Teams and Sales Professionals

Take the mystery out of communication misunderstandings.
Learn these powerful, easy-to-use, quick DISC tools to help your staff and employees understand the intent of your message and turn it into action.

These tools will help you:
  • Set the tone
  • Provide the vision and focus
  • Motivate staff and employees
  • Celebrate overall successes
  • Learn and implement communication styles in your sales strategies
The Ultimate Team Building Communication Program!
Results | Connection  | Support | Data-based

Build Your Team, Improve Your Sales

The Ultimate Team Building Communication Program

Don't just do exercises and activities that create short-term benefits. True collaboration begins with really learning how to effectively communicate. 



This Team Building Communication Program focuses on team engagement and support with the goal of building a harmonious environment.



This program teaches you and your team the DISC communication system, a system that is proven and data driven and applies to all languages and cultures.   


By learning this system and how to use it, you will gain important and transferable tools that will provide long term results. 

Participants will learn how to more effectively:

  • collaborate on projects

  • provide excellent customer service 

  • communicate with vendors and suppliers

  • facilitate meetings 

Business Team Environments

This program is especially suited for small office settings like dental practices, salons, medical offices, insurance offices etc.  The Foundation Model is the generator of the business.

Sales Component

This program has an add-on component that is more detailed and extended and is focused on learning how to quickly apply these tools for a successful pitch, sale or prospective client/customer meeting.  It is focused on sales teams, consultants and entrepreneurs. 

Sales Environments

This add-on component is especially suited for real estate, banking, financial services, automobile sales and professional consultants who often make sales presentations.

"Take your team to an extraordinary new level of momentum, teamwork, engagement and results." 

Brian Biro, Asheville, NC -

America's Breakthrough Coach, Professional Speaker,  Consultant and Author

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Contact us to tailor our program to fit your organizational needs:


Dr. Jennifer Gryska, Sarasota, FL

Learn about Dr. Jennifer Gryska and how she uses the communication tools and strategies she gained from the RelationSHAPE Roadmap to improve her business - from getting along with customers to working with vendors and even to improving how she works alongside her husband.


"I wanted my dental office staff to be more efficient and work as a team. The results we achieved through your workshops and individual mentoring sessions taught us how to approach each other under pressure and reduce division between the front and back office. Our production is up and we appreciate your solution oriented focus. Thank you, Linda."

Comfortable Care Dental
Sarasota, FL.

Linda is a wonderfully enthusiastic, trustworthy coach and trainer to work with! Her expertise to spot ways of interacting positively in difficult situations is immensely valuable. I have attended her DISC workshops, and have also engaged her in one on one coaching. She's very skilled, and I highly recommend her, and the programs she has developed, to any organization or individual!

Stephanie Frederick

Integrative RN Patient Advocate / Medical Improv Interactive Communication Workshops

"As a new business owner, I made a valuable investment by bringing Linda in to present and help apply DISC strategies to my front desk staff and therapists. By understanding our communication style strengths and challenges, we became more of a team and were able to use that information to increase our productivity. As the business grew, Linda also helped our new staff learn and apply strategies. Thank you."

Darcy Wolfe
Sachi Massage
Asheville, NC

I met Linda through a referral. I was in the process of rebranding and overhauling my website, my process and focus - gearing more toward strategy and not just tactics. Linda helped me design and implement a tool I use for each prospective client which has been successful in getting new clients. It is an effective tool in preparing for meeting with prospective clients and honing in on the best way to communicate with them as we work together.

Mari Peterson, Marketing Strategist

Marketing Outpost

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