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The relationSHAPE™ Roadmap for Families​*

Learn these easy-to-use, quick, simple and powerful DISC tools to 
improve communication with members of your family*.​

*The term "families" is meant to include any persons who commit their time, energy and good will to promote success in children. Examples: Parents, extended family members, foster parents, agency staff members, etc.

Your new relationSHAPE™ skills will:
  • Reduce areas of conflict
  • Identify your natural communication style
  • Support you in easily adapting your style to the needs of the child
  • Understand the best way to relate to each other
  • Unlock the responses that motivate others
  • Improve your relationships
"The most important relationships in our life are our family. Move from abrasive to embrasive!"

Brian Biro, Asheville, NC -

America's Breakthrough Coach, Professional Speaker,  Consultant and Author

"Unlock the mystery of how to relate to others in the ways that are most accepting, approving and encouraging to them." 

Linda Williams
Jessica Garza received the complimentary 30 minute "Discovery Session".  She is a single mother of 3 children. Her challenge focus person was one of her children.  She recently called and left me a voicemail testimonial.

​Jessica Garza, Owner of ItWorks!
Botanically based health and wellness company 

"I just wanted to call and tell you that things are going really well with the kiddos. All 3 of them have been very receptive to what I am now doing."  


“This morning my younger daughter comes in and says, “Mom, I made the lunches.” and I asked, All of your lunches?” and she said ,”Yes!” and I said, “Oh my gosh Emma, I love seeing that you're taking initiative  and helping me out and that we are part of a team. That's amazing. It just makes me so happy.!” My daughter was beaming and then my oldest says, “Well, I took out the trash.” And I said, “I love that you're doing your part!  

I'm just excited about the changes that I making and the kids are receptive. I just been so excited! I want to say, Thank you how I appreciate the new ways to communicate.”

"I appreciate learning my parenting style and then adjusting my responses to recognize my son’s style patterns. The action plan I developed with your guidance was easy to implement. This has made a positive difference in our relationship. Thanks!" 

Alice Barton
"I appreciate all the sharing and insights, especially concerning my relationship with my husband. A change in perception is all it usually takes to make a difference. That shift has helped me to be more patient and understanding of his need for doing and getting it right. You are a great teacher.

Evelyn Warner
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