The relationSHAPE™ Roadmap for Educators

Unlock 4 DISC Communication Styles

to Communicate and Motivate!

Discover your natural teaching communication style
Easily shift your style to motivate students
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Your new relationSHAPE™ skills will: 

  • Identify your preferred teaching style 

  • Teach you to adapt your style for increased learning impact 

  • Fully engage students 

  • Boost student confidence through academic success 

  • Create an atmosphere of encouragement and cooperation 

  • Generate an environment to feel valued and respected 

  • Motivate students to perform at their peak

"I appreciate the insights to my preferred teaching style and how to meet the communication learning styles of my students. A more positive student attitude toward learning and student achievement have increased." 

Maria G.
"The tools are easy to apply to teach concepts and content for elementary students through high school. Thank you for the concrete examples." 

Keith F.
"The teacher knows that his or her job assignment is not simply to teach academic information. The job is to teach students! And there is quite a big difference in those two ideas.… Including some variety in teaching methods will help meet the needs of each of the four personality types that are explained in the book."
A+ Ideas for Every Student’s Success byRobert A. Rohm Ph.D.

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