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The secret to a Successful Team

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

"The edge in your business is your people."
Brian Biro, America's Breakthrough Coach and past relationSHAPE Today program participant.
Watch his video testimonial here.

What makes a successful Team?

The secret to a successful Team is a strong foundation. The cornerstone to a strong foundation is COMMUNICATION.

So often, the breakdown in getting along, a "difficult" team member, missed objectives or bad customer service can be traced back to misunderstood communication.

Why is communication so important?

Soft Skills are Critical to Business Success

According to a 2016 study, managers cited "communication" as one of the top soft skills missing in today's graduates.

"Graduates need strong communication and problem-solving skills if they want to interview well and succeed in the workplace, because effective writing, speaking, and critical thinking enables you to accomplish business goals and get ahead,” Dan Schawbel, research director at Future Workplace - (Source: Fast Company, 2016).

In April 2018, a Linkedin study covering 100 major cities and 2000 business leaders identified Communication is one of four critical people skills missing (leadership, collaboration and time management were the other 3 in case you were curious). (Source:

relationSHAPE ™ Today and Marketing Outpost have partnered to create a research based program designed for businesses and teams to build a strong foundation based on communication.

About the Ultimate Team Building Program

Foundation Model

This Team Building Program focuses on learning communication styles that produce long-lasting benefits and teaches skills that can be transferred to different environments and roles. It focuses on team engagement and support with the goal of building a harmonious environment. This forms a high level, in-house team to complete tasks, problem solve, and deliver outstanding customer service. This model is especially suited for small office settings like dental practices, salons, medical offices, insurance offices etc.

Sales Add-On Component

The added Sales Component takes the Team Building foundation and builds upon it by providing more in-depth strategies focused on sales. It focuses on sales teams, consultants and entrepreneurs who often need direct application for a more successful pitch or sale. This model is especially suited for real estate, banking, financial services, automobile sales, consultants and independent business owners where you have or are building an in-house support team in addition to those individual, couple or large group interactions.

If you are interested in bringing this training program to your organization or location, please contact us.

relationSHAPE Today

relationSHAPE™ Today is led by Linda Wiliams, MA, Owner. Condensing years of experience and knowledge, we’ve created easy-­to-­learn, easy­-to-­use communication tools and strategies. Each workshop is tailored for the unique needs of each environment - business, home and classroom.  The programs incorporate the DISC self-­assessment tools created by communication experts and used globally for over 40 years. Communication is the foundation of all of our relationships and the core ingredient to success.


Marketing Outpost is led by Mari Peterson, Marketing Strategist specializing in removing obstacles and implementing growth campaigns for small businesses.

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