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Setting Boundaries: A Personal Journey to Find Balance
by Linda Williams, MA, published in Transformation Magazine,
Sept 2015
What are boundaries in relationships? How do we establish and maintain them? How do we communicate them in a caring and consistent way? These are all important questions, and I spent many years and endured many painful situations to find my own answers. Now I want to share them with you in the hope that they can serve as inspiration on your own personal journey to find balance in life.
Conscious Communication for Business
by Linda Williams, MA published in Transformation Magazine,
Sept 2012
Is verbal communication a challenge in any of your business relationships? Is there at least one “challenge” person with whom you would like to have easier, smoother interactions? Who comes to mind at work: a boss, colleague, vendor, or client?
Harness the Power of Choice
by Linda Williams, MA, published in Transformation Magazine, 2011

To begin the journey of replacing negative behavior patterns and shifting into healthy alternatives we must embrace the “Three A’s,” which are Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. Used together, they establish a repeatable process that can break through the barriers that block us from fulfilling our highest potentials in life.

The relationSHAPE™ 

12 Communication Agreements

These 12 Communication Agreements are designed so that you can easily remember that each interaction is shaped by you, and that you have the power to engage with others so that everyone feels listened to, heard, and understood, including YOU!

1.     I accept responsibility for what I say, how I say it and how I feel.

2.     I identify my true communication intentions.

3.     I express clear, complete messages and appreciations.

4.     I acknowledge the feelings of others without having to agree with them.

5.     I honor my needs and the needs of others.

6.     I listen in order to recognize and respond to the needs behind what others say to me.

7.     I use open ended questions to encourage communication.

8.     I value my right to make requests and the right of others to make requests.

9.     I consider my body language.

10.    I monitor my tone of voice.

11.    I choose to react or respond in any situation.

12.    I apply these skills to each interaction each day.


Created by Linda Williams, 2006

You are a RelationShaper!

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